The rules of Minesweeper are simple: to win the game you have to reveal all safe fields (squares) in the game. Safe fields are the squares that don't have a hidden mine underneath. Safe fields are either empty or contain a number.

A square showing a number indicates the number of mines in the directly adjacent fields (i.e. how many of the (up to) 8 surrounding fields contain mines). You can use the information of the number fields to conclude which closed squares hide mines.

To help you with your task, you can set flags to mark "unsafe" squares - squares where you suppose mines could be hidden. However: neither do you have to set flags nor are you limited to only use a certain number of flags. The flags are only there to help you and are purely optional.

Tap on a mine / bomb and the game is lost and over.

Watch the HowTo video above to see a video explanation of the rules and get some basic strategy hints.


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